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Maya Luna Luxury Abaya + Matching Hijab - Mocha

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The Kalima Maya Exclusive Abaya is an exquisite and luxurious piece of clothing designed to make you feel elegant and sophisticated on any occasion. This abaya is crafted with great attention to detail, making it a truly complete and stunning ensemble. Here are some key details and features:

Round Collar: The abaya features a classic and timeless round collar, which adds a touch of modesty and sophistication to the design.

One Button Closure: At the back of the abaya, you'll find a single button closure. This not only adds a stylish element to the abaya but also makes it easy to put on and take off.

Material: The abaya is made from high-quality Sheer Silk Chiffon, which is known for its light and airy texture. This material drapes beautifully and lends an ethereal quality to the garment. It's important to note that the abaya does not include lining, enhancing its sheer and delicate appearance.

Matching Sheer Shawl: This shawl complements the abaya perfectly and allows you to create a coordinated and elegant look.

Inner slip dress: It is advisable to wear an inner slip dress as the material has a sheer, transparent appearance.

Elegance and Royalty: The Kalima Maya Exclusive Abaya is not just any piece of clothing; it's a garment loved and worn by royalties and celebrities. This fact attests to its extraordinary design and quality. When you wear this abaya, you'll undoubtedly feel a sense of regal elegance, making it ideal for special occasions and events.

Washing instructions: Hand wash or Dry clean only

In summary, the Kalima Maya Exclusive Abaya is a symbol of refinement and sophistication. Its Silk Chiffon material, minimalist round collar, and one-button closure, combined with the matching shawl, make it a captivating choice for those seeking to exude elegance and grace. Whether you're attending a formal gathering or a special event, this abaya is sure to make you feel like royalty.